USAID SMEA offers free training for ICT SMEs in digital marketing

smeaIslamabad (Monitoring Desk): USAID SMEA is offering a 40 hour/5day coursework to build the capacity of ICT SMEs in digital marketing. The organization is bearing full costs of this training.

With this , they target training 300 ICT companies over 3 months in 3 modules. The companies successfully getting their teams trained across 3 modules will be evaluated for ad-spend support on a matching basis, assisted by digital ad-agency services and automated tools for spend optimizations.

The organization has recruited one of the best trainers in the market Mr. Usman Latif for conducting this coursework.

Training has started from Karachi on 29th Dec . The complete list of intended cities is available in the form for you to make selection from.

Please register today.

USAID SMEA will update the registrants based on seating capacity 3 days in advance to the session. They are opening the 1st session to CEO and CEO designates only.

For details : Mohsin Termezy | ICT Sector Specialist |USAID SMEA | |


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