SUSI teachers’ program seeks applications from Secondary School Educators


U.S. Mission in Pakistan is seeking applications for the Study of the U.S. Institute for Secondary School Educators 2019.

The Study of the U.S. Institute for Secondary School Educators is an intensive post-graduate level academic program with integrated study tours whose purpose is to provide foreign secondary educators with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions. The ultimate goal of the Institute is to strengthen curricula and to enhance the quality of teaching about the United States in secondary schools and other academic institutions abroad.

The Study of the U.S. Institute for Secondary Educators will take place over the course of five weeks in the beginning of June 2019. The Institute will have 20 participants from all across the world and will include a four-week academic residency component and a one week integrated study tour.

Eligibility Criteria:

The SUSI School educators’ program is seeking individuals who have firm plans to enhance, update or develop courses and/or educational materials with a U.S. studies focus or component.

Typically candidates should:

– be highly motivated and experienced secondary school teachers at their mid-career level
– be between the ages of 30-50.
– have excellent command on English language fluency.
– be seeking to introduce or enhance aspects of U.S. studies into their curricula or to offer specialized seminars/workshops for education professionals in U.S. studies or related fields.
– be comfortable with campus life and an active program schedule.
– have no or limited prior experience in the United States.

Filled application forms should be sent it to before January 15, 2019


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  1. I applied for SUSI but the form is not available there.


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