Oh respected teacher! Oh teacher who educates the world!

mujahid kamran

On Thursday, Mujahid Kamran, the ex- Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University was brought to the court, humiliated and arrested. He was arrested reportedly on the basis of illegal appointments at university.  Charges and allegations aside, but the way a teacher and that too a teacher of caliber and repute was humiliated, it was a heart-wrenching scene.

Dr Mujahid Kamran is a well-known theoretical physicist who taught at the Punjab University for more than 44 years.  He received many awards including Abdus Salam award, Pride of performance and more. As a Fulbright scholar, he did his PhD in 1989 from University of Georgia.

Ashfaque Ahmad, the noted writer taught at a university in Rome, Italy. He has written in one his books that once he violated the traffic law and he was fined for that but he couldn’t submit it.  He then got a court summon and went there. The judge asked, “You were fined and ordered to pay it to nearest post office, why didn’t you pay it? Do you have any idea how much time and energy you have wasted of police, law and faculty? You should have been aware of that.”

Ashfaque Ahmad responded and judge inquired how he spoke in such a fluent way. He responded that he was a teacher. Upon hearing this, the judge announced, a teacher in the court, a teacher in the court!

Everyone in the court, policemen and the whole faculty stood up in respect of the teacher and the judge stated in a poetic language.

Oh respected teacher! Oh teacher who educate the world! Oh most respected man! You are who ordered us of court and justice, and you taught this knowledge, and it is because of you that we stand today where we are. So, we are bound by your command that we check you according the discipline established by court despite we are abashed of it. And we are very sad that we are trailing a teacher, no one is more respected than whom. “

Ashfaq Ahmed states that he himself was very ashamed and nervous of what had started and just wanted to get out of there. I said to do what your law and regulations say and I am here for it.

“It is a very painful occasion for a judge that a teacher be trialed in the balustrade of his court. So, with the extreme of shame, grief and sadness, we are doubling the fine” said the judge. 

Now out of the court, he was walking out humbled of himself and then a strange thing happened. That judge and all of his faculty and managers started walking behind him saying “A teacher in the court”. They were walking him out and also walked behind out of respect of teacher. He says, he wanted them to go back to their work and did not know what they would after taking him outside but they didn’t go anywhere and walked him to his and stood there until he had started his car and gone away.


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