2018 Nobel Peace Prize Winners – who are they?


On Friday, October 05, the Nobel Peace prize was jointly awarded to Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwegi. Nadia 25, is an Iraqi Yazidi young lady who was sexually assaulted by IS militants for three months while Denis 63, is a gynecologist who spent decades in treating the rape victims in Congo.

Nadia Murad was born in Sinjar, northern Iraq in a minority Yazidi community. She was hardly twenty one years old when the IS militants abducted her with other Yazidi people, mostly women. Many of her family members including her mother and brothers were killed. She was among the girls who were used as sex slaves for more than three months. She managed to escape when the guard mistakenly kept the house unlocked. She then moved to a refugee camp and managed to flee to Germany. When the journalists approached her in the refugee camps and asked about the time she spent with IS militants, she told them that she was sexually assaulted. The journalists asked her whether they can write her story with changing her name, she told them that it shouldn’t be changed. Instead, the story should be written with her real name so that the world would know that how the victims are being treated by the IS militants. In an interview with the Guardian she said, “I was an Isis sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have.” She later moved to Germany with other refugees where she took an initiative to create awareness about human trafficking.

Denis Mukwege was born in 1955 in Congo. He studied medicine and during the Congo war he treated some women who were raped by the militants. After witnessing the cruelty in the form of injuries in rape victims, he dedicated his services to treat the women who were raped in the wars. The war mongers hated him for his service for the humanity and attacked him in 2014 in which his guard was shot dead but he managed to flee. This made him move to Europe. In his absence, people suffered a lot and demanded the international community to send him back. When he came back to his country, he was received by thousands of people who walked with him for more than 20 miles to drop him at his residence. He is said to treat the patients under high security.

“This #NobelPrize is a recognition of the suffering of women victims of rape and sexual violence, the need for a just reparation in their favor and the hope to draw a red line against the use of rape in armed conflict.:”, he tweeted.  

He has received many prizes for his service to the wartime sexual victims.

Photo Courtesy: BBC



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